The Accelerated Christian Education program offers a very unique approach to education that targets the spiritual as well as the mastery-based academic development of your child.  Because of its unique approach, it is essential that the school or homeschool use the curriculum as prescribed by the Procedures Manuals or Home Educator Manual.  The National office offers support to schools through school visits and regular contact to help schools take advantage of the full potential of the curriculum  For assistance requests please call the office phone number or email us at  For more information about Accelerated Christian Education, please click here.

School Support

School Data Form

Every year data from schools using the A.C.E. program in Nigeria is essential for effective planning.  Please take a few moments to complete and submit the document above.  

Annual Re-Enrollment

Every year schools using the A.C.E. program are required to confirm their continued commitment to using the A.C.E. Curriculum  Please use this form to complete your Re-Enrollment.  

School Improvement

The School Improvement program is designed to help you take charge of the growth and development of your school.  The link above connects you to the resources and documents that will guide you through this process.  

Student Programs

Student Convention--This is a special program for students using the A.C.E. Curriculum.  This program is designed to provide a platform for skill, talent, gift, and intellectual development through competition and fellowship with other students around the country and around the world who use the A.C.E. curriculum.  Three opportunities are available for students in Nigeria but students must qualify from the regional conventions (Nigeria or South Africa) in order to be eligible to attend the international edition.