Your curriculum needs are an important priority for us at Doulos.  Please note the following procedures for effective curriculum delivery.

*Special Offer-3rd Edition PACEs*

Ordering Procedures

STEP 1  Customer sends in requisition.

STEP 2  National Office generates quote and sends the quote by email to customer.

STEP 3  Customer confirms quote is accurate.

STEP 4  Customer makes payment.

STEP 5  Quote is converted to a sales order by the National office.

STEP 6  The National office begins processing order.

STEP 7  Pick up or delivery date is communicated by the National office.

STEP 8  Customer confirms order picked up or delivered is accurate, customer then signs and returns delivery note.

STEP 9  Customer calls or emails the National office for any complaint and receives further directions.

Our customer service department is committed to ensuring your curriculum needs are effectively satisfied.  Please feel free to contact us with questions.  

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